New Strap Design for FlipSidez Classic Style

Our first batch of the new FlipSidez Classic style straps are here and we can’t help but show them off. For 4 years now we had been using plain non-branded straps that left some customers wondering who made these awesome flip flops and where do I get them? All other flip-flop manufacturers brand their straps and we also needed to. Last fall we set out to design the perfect strap for the Classic FlipSidez. Nearly all flop flop brands have some kind of texture on their straps and we explored this idea. A number of designs were created and everything just looked gaudy. We wanted something simple and elegant that did not compromise the custom strap printing that some customers desire.

After several months of designing and re-designing we came up with a strap that met our criteria. The front center of the strap has our foot logo molded into it, half embossed and half debossed. The full flipsidez logo was debossed into the under side of the inner half of the strap. It does not scream our name or get in the way when printing custom designs on them. Additionally, the straps are a little thicker than previously, have a nice satin finish, and rounded edges that do anything but dig into your skin. We hate that. But we love these straps. The Classic just got better.

New Straps Aqua