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Design Your FlipSidez

Custom logo flip flops, imprinted with your brand, are a unique and effective promotional item. With their debossed soles, Every pair of promotional flip flops can create countless miles of sand imprints featuring your message or logo. It is easy to see how great the return on your investment could be.  Contact us today to request a free digital proof showing how your promotional flip flops would look!

Since opening its US manufacturing facility in 2010, Flipsidez has offered the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry, just 10 pairs for flip flops imprinted with a custom logo, while producing flip flops of the same quality that you would find for $30 or more in retail stores.  This is because we didn't set out to produce cheap quality at the lowest price possible. We manufacture our flip flops to last for years, not get thrown away within a week. FlipSidez custom logo flip flops will allow your brand to make a lasting impression with each person that owns a pair.  Because we are a true manufacturer we can offer you pricing that is competitive, or cheaper, than the promotional flip flops that our competitors that import from China and Mexico. With FlipSidez there is no middle man.  If you're looking for high quality, a low MOQ, and a great price, contact us today for a quote and free digital proof of your new custom logo flip flops!