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Design Your FlipSidez

Everyone loves personalized gifts. Personalized flip flops are sure to leave recipients' smiling and stamping their flip flop designs in sand with every step. Emily Was Here, Stephen Rocks, Bob needs a drink, Sara ♥ Brian, and Mrs. Winslow are just a few design examples for personalized flip flops. Every flip flop design that you see on our website can be personalized in our design shop. Click on one of the designs shown above to choose the style, color, and size of your personalized flip-flops. Then, click on the "Customize Design" button to change the design on the bottom of the flip flop soles. You can choose from multiple fonts for the design text, as well as choose symbols and art from our large design library.

Personalized flip-flops make an excellent addition to any destination wedding or honeymoon. We provide great pricing based on the total number of pairs ordered and every pair can have a different design. You can design personalized flip flops for every member of the bridal party and each guest if desired.