Will my desired design fit on the flip flops?

The best way to find out is to create your design in our website’s Design Shop using the flip flop style and size that you want to order. If you can fit the design onto the sole then the answer is: Yes, we can fit your desired imprint design onto your flip flops.

Please keep in mind that larger letters and characters create much better and clearer sand imprint results. Designs with over 10-12 characters long will start to result in rather small letters and symbols.

Can you imprint my custom logo or art onto my order of flip flops?

We imprint flip flops with custom logos and art all the time. Designs may require some modification before they can be successfully imprinted. Please contact us Here to submit your custom design request.

Does my wholesale order need to consist of identical pairs?

For orders of FlipSidez, that are imprinted with custom sand imprint designs, your order may consist of any combination of sizes, colors, styles, and imprint designs.

However, certain custom options, such as strap printing, require that the size, color, and location of the print design be identical for a certain minimum number of pairs. Contact us if you are interested in custom printing on the straps or the top of the heel.

Why won’t the design shop let me create designs with profanity?

We try to keep our designs, and anything that carries the FlipSidez name, family friendly. Certain profane words are restricted from use within the design shop.  The filter software is not perfect however. If you manage to successfully design and purchase a blatantly offensive design it could still be rejected by our design team prior to being produced.

My desired style, size, or color is not in stock. When will it be back in stock?

Please contact us for the latest update on inventory.  Or, you can choose from one of the many hundreds of other possible flip flop color/style combinations that can be created in our website’s design shop.

I have just received my FlipSidez. Why is my design slightly different from what I ordered?

This may happen for a few reasons. Our design shop is not perfect, and on rare instances customers may create designs that are not possible to create with our production process. This may involve moving or re-sizing part of the design, without compromising the intent and spirit of the design. We might also change a design in instances where it appears that the customer did not know how to appropriately size and position their design within the sole. Our designers will optimize the design’s size and location in order to achieve the best sand imprints. If any significant changes are needed we will contact you prior to producing your flip flops.

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